The Bright Side

This is a break from the IVF talk, I just can’t muster it tonight b/c my heart is so heavy and I’m using this opportunity to dwell on something besides myself (but just this once – only 3 more pills!). 

 I spent the better part of the weekend with my Uncle D celebrating his 59th birthday (the MD said he wouldn’t make it past 18). He suffers from severe cerebral palsy (due to a medical mistake at birth). D cannot walk, cannot move any limbs willfully b/c they are so rigid, he can barely make noise but has mastered “o” = no, and “eh” = yes, he cannot perform any ADL’s.  He has never known a normal adult life, but he did make the newspaper in 50’s on “Crippled Children’s Day”. It’s just sooo sad to see him, it makes me weep. But on the bright side, he really likes the life he leads and seems content to keep on keeping on.


The bright side…

The residents in his “home” while mentally handicapped are the most outrageously loving people.

He has a girlfriend. 

He likes his “home”.

He can hold perfect pitch to oldies songs, though he can’t say the actual words.

He is grateful.

He still calls me “baby” because he remembers when I was one.

He does not have cognitive impairments.

He is happy.

He doesn’t know what he’s missing (we think).

He goes to “class” during the day.

He has a great sense of humor.

He does not suffer from heart disease, like both his parents did. 

He is truly unconditionally loved without anyone expecting anything from him.


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