My ovaries are GROWLING.

My ovaries are growling. The “girls” have started voicing their concern regarding their currently bloated state and short term forecast. They growl constantly, reminding me that they are performing an extraordinary task worthy of some reward. Little do they know what that reward will be. Soon I’ll have a conversation with them explaining that once their developed the requested follicles they’ll be pierced and emptied and then they are free to sulk for 9 months and in the mean time, they’ll just need to get over it. I’m trying to help them out the best I can, sleeping at every available opportunity. What more could they ask for?


Shots. The Baker has made drastic improvement over day 2 but has never really gotten back to his day 1 glory. I’m encouraging him to further develop his injection skills so that he can get a second job as an RN if we have to pay to do this all over again!


For those of you are on your own bun quest, you will know exactly what these numbers mean. For those of you who aren’t, I’m told these numbers are “great.”

Baseline E2 (02.14.08) = 20

Stim started (02.16.08)

E2 (02.18.2008) = 133

E2 (02.20.2008) = 325


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    Denise said,

    I remember that feeling well. Eventually it felt like I was walking around with 2 grapefruits in my side. When do you have your first ultrasound to check the follies?

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