I think my exact words (or slur there of) were, “I don’t want to hear about effing babies, I been trying for 2 effing years and we still don’t have an effing baby, what the eff do I have to do to get you to leave me the eff alone so I can effing cry and throw the eff up?” Poor, poor soul on the receiving end of this one. My sincerest apologies.


Needless to say the Whoremones have kicked in with a vengeance. Among the delicate side effects I am experiencing are extreme fatigue and grouchiness, bloating, and straight up pain. Tomorrow morning is our first date with Mr. Sono since starting the Gonal-F, I bet he’ll be excited about the copious amounts of CM (another delicate side effect) to check the follicles, I’m hoping they’re BIG and that there are a LOT of them!!!!! The more the merrier!!!!


Baker has in fact reclaimed his former glory from his flawless first injection. Last night he administered an injection so stealthy I didn’t feel it. Then…he stood up and upon glancing at my still bare abs a wave of horror flashed across his face. “What? What?” I asked. He said, “You’re bleeding.” I was hesitant to look down fearing a quarter size hole. What I found was a microscopic droplet of blood that was so tiny it had scabbed upon contact with air. I had no choice but to laugh. Boy he really HATES blood. Needles are apparently fine, blood is not.


 One more thing. I’m thinking about creating some kind of card or something to put in my wallet in case I’m in an awful accident (God forbid) or have some other type of medical crisis (God forbid). It will read something like this,

I SWEAR those are NOT track marks.  I promise I’m not a heroine/crystal meth./IV drug user. Those are exit wounds. I shoot up prescribed IVF drugs in my stomach/thigh/ass, and I always use clean needles. Please do NOT give me the obligatory Narcan upon seeing my bruised inner elbow area. 


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    Denise said,

    I’m sorry your feeling the side effects. It sucks, but it won’t be too much longer. Good luck with your scan tomorrow. And the wallet card idea-love it.

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