So Friday night we (by we I mean, I)  started an additional injection, it’s given name is Ganirelix. Hence forth, GaniHELLISH. Let-me-tell-you. While the needle is same length as the easy as pie Gonal-F it is a thicker gauge. This morsel of information went unnoticed until the needle was forcibly shoved into my stomach. It makes me bleed, bruise, and leaves a hole. And another thing. This shot comes in a pre-filled syringe with a needle already on it. Whoever manufactures these needles does a really suck ass job at it. One of the syringes accidentally rolled off the nightstand and stabbed into the carpet, I pulled it out and proceeded to wipe the needle with an alcohol pad. I was alarmed to discover that the tip of the needle snagged all the fibers on the pad. What the hell? Does the effing needle have a hangnail? Do they all? I think they do, which is why they hurt like hell. Why the injection location continues to sting like a (BIG EXPLETIVE) for a good 10-15 minutes I may never know. (Oh, and SUPER NURSE if you read this, I did not use that syringe…I’m saving that one for last so maybe we won’t have to use it…it seems germy now.)


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    Jen said,

    Yup, as I was reading that… I said to myself…”I hope she didn’t give that!”. Good girl! lol Hopefully when you go in this morning for your “hot date” and e2, you will be ready soon… so not many more injections of the Ganirelix! lol Talk to you soon girl! Your Fav 🙂

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