Ice, Ice, Baby

Stop. Collaborate and listen. (beware I could type out all the lyrics from memory) 

We (by we I mean, I endured and he administered) just completed our first IM progesterone injection. It is my sincere pleasure to inform you all that it was painless. Yes, painless. It was much akin to the Gonal-F but with less stinging. It’s a good thing I’ve got “back”.

To my “cycle sisters” on a similar schedule who may also be faced with this daunting task I’ll tell you what I think helped make this a success. (of course, really, we just followed the directions from SUPER NURSE)

Ice, ice, ice, ice that ass!!! I mean ice it till it stings, and keep icing it until you’re so numb that you can’t feel the sting of the ice and actually have to crane your neck to look and make sure you haven’t gotten frost bite.

Lay down on your stomach, which if you’re like me may be bloated to mind boggling proportions, and turn your feet inward. 

Do the shot. (Have your husband do the shot.) 

Then, kindly ask the husband to knead your ass like a batch of fresh dough. (Hell, yeah)

Then, sit your ass on a heating pad. 

(for you legal types….this is not medical advice. This is what worked for me. It may not work for you. I am not a doctor. I am not a nurse.)


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  1. 1

    Denise said,

    Great fert report! Glad to hear the first PIO shot was painless. I’m still sore after almost three weeks of stopping the shots.

  2. 2

    M. said,

    I have heard those PIO shots are horrible, so I’m happy you got a system that keeps it pain free. My dr. will have me on progesterone suppositories, which to me sound lots better (albeit messier) than that shot.

  3. 3

    kymztwinz said,

    I’m glad that your first shot was painless, but hold on to your britches! The first few usually ARE pretty easy. The needle is not what hurts – it’s the accumulation of the oil over time that hurts like a sonfabi-atch. The injection areas can get fairly sensitive after a week or so and THEN the needles might start to make you cringe. Enjoy the lump-free buttocks while you can! 🙂

    It’s wonderful that 14 eggs were fertilized! I’m wishing you a smooth transfer and wonderful results at the end of the 2ww.

  4. 4

    kymztwinz said,

    The link above was to a very old, not-written in, should-be-non-existent blog. You can find me at 🙂

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