Pat, I’d like to buy a bowel.

My. Bowels. Are. Tangled.

I have spent most of today being a tired, cranky, crampy old hag.  I can’t decide if my crampiness is a bowel issue, a girl part issue, or both. I think 90% bowel, 10% girl part. It was nice to finally have a normal deuce, although getting there was royal pain in the ass (TMI, I know). I mean really, I am bloated to the point that my clothes don’t fit (from being “backed up”, I think).  Although tired, I am not sleeping well. I get up to pee every time I wake up, which given my newly acquired night sweats is pretty often. 

 In my heart of hearts I am worried about the cramping though. What if my uterus is attacking my babies?


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    Sweetpea said,

    I felt the very same way (before my BFN, that is, which I naturally hope you won’t experience!). Although the bowel issue was bad at times, in the end, I think it was the night sweats that really got to me — in fact, when I first glanced at your subject line, I thought it said: “Pat, I’d like to buy a TOWEL” !! (I had them stacked up next to my bed during the last week of progesterone)

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