Saturday Morning Live.

I woke up this morning at 6:16AM. I laid in bed for a good 10 minutes assessing how close to ralphing I really was. Toooooo close, tooooooo close for comfort. I decided a piece of toast would be prudent. Never in my whole life did I ever think that I would say a dead serious prayer regarding the speed of the toaster. I only had one close call with gagging, which since I am incapable of throwing up alone (you have to be careful you know, one might choke and die on their own vomit), required me to disturb my sleeping husband and have him rub my back. Luckily, he’s really, really, unnecessarily  sweet when he’s still too asleep to realize I’ve  woken  him up.  Anyhow, the toast took the edge off. Now, I have to wait until my fave breakfast restaurant opens at 9AM…..9AM for breakfast!!!! It’s forever…especially when your only two television  programming “choices” are  infomercials and  shows for children under 5 years old.  “Thanks  Alex, I’ll take shows for children under 5 for $1000!”


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    mama2roo said,

    Better get used to under 5 TV! You’ll be watching a lot of it in coming months/years! And surprisinging, a lot of it is really fun to watch for the grownups, too!!

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