Dial Soap

My first truly weirdo pregnancy symptom. For the last 4 or so weeks I have had the taste of Dial soap in my mouth. I have resorted to constantly sucking on life savers etc. to combat it. That’s been partially successful.

Now, you might be asking yourself how I know what Dial soap tastes like. Let me explain.

Travel back with me to the day I uttered my first whole sentence (rather than one word demands).

Scene: My “little girl” bedroom complete with Care Bear bedspread on my “big girl” bed. My Mom is either making the bed or showing me how to make the bed. It’s a bright spring day outside. There are birds chirping their cheerful tune outside the window.

Me: “Mom, listen to the fucking birds sing.”

I don’t remember saying that or making the bed etc., this has all been relayed to me by my Mom. What I do remember is being grabbed by the upper arm (you know, the quintessential “mom” grab) and drug down the hall, into the bath room and having my mouth “washed with soap.” Dial soap.

Feel sorry for my little 2 year old self, how was I to know I said a bad word? Dad cussed like a sailor!


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    Chas said,

    I have been told a similar story about myself. Apparently, I told my father that I wanted “some f*cking Coke” when I was around two. I didn’t get in trouble for this; my mom says it just helped my dad clean up his language.

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