Walt Teeny Tiny Tabletop!

Walter (the strikingly large cat, sitting next to our 52 lb. bassett hound Hannah) has been “my” cat since March 2005. Love him! He has always slept next to me, cuddled with me, talked to me (seriously), followed me around like a dog, peed strictly in his litter box….until we went on vacation. When we got back my beloved Walter had peed right out side his litter box…this continued nearly every day, sometimes multiple times a day until last Sunday when I confined him to the bathroom. I feel like an aweful person, keeping my Waltonomous all couped up in the bathroom. I’m keeping him there pending the results of his urinalysis  (due in tomorrow). Have you ever smelled cat pee or spent 2 days steam cleaning your carpets while 6+ months pregnant?!?!  I also plugged in one of those Feliway plug in’s in the bathroom. Other than that please comment with suggestions for “behavior modification” in cat’s who pee where they shouldn’t! I’m not ok with giving him away, so if we can’t change his behavior he’s living all 9 of his lives in the bathroom (j/k…kinda).


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    Poppy said,

    I had a cat with this problem(well, I still have her) and we were told to buy one extra box(one more box than cats) and that really helped a lot!

    Love the belly pic!

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