Turn the beat around!

First…let’s start with the less than glamorous news. I weigh 129 (though the nurse is logging me in at 128 b/c of my shoes) thats 30/31 lb weight gain!

Second…Jewels is breech. So everyone drop and give me 20 (prayers)! I reeeeeeallllllllllllllllly don’t want her cut out of my stomach. The MW said this is totally normal and that she has plenty of time to turn and that if she doesn’t turn by the next visit or two then we have some tricks to try, for now…no crossing my legs. In fact, I was told that the more un-lady like I sit…the better.

Third…we confirmed that they will not take Jewels away from me and our skin/skin contact until she latches. They can do everything (APGAR etc.) while she’s cuddling with me! No quick trips to the warmer for anything! We were warned that it can take 15 minutes to an hour an half for her to be interested in latching and that we’ll have all the time we need. We plan on letting the grandma’s in to take a quick sneak peak as soon as I’m all cleaned up, but everyone else will have to wait until after her first meal. This will work out well b/c I mean really who wants to see my “mommy tots” anyway!


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  1. 1

    Sugar & Ice said,

    You weighed less than a 100 pounds before you got pregnant??? Wow, that’s amazing. Your current weight is my pre-pregnancy weight, lol.

  2. 2

    That’s awesome about getting to keep the baby with you until after her first meal. Where are you delivering??

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