I cheated.

I gave into my craving for a turkey and cheddar sandwhich. Nothing fancy, just a few pieces of finely shaved Oscar Meyer smoked turkey breast wedged between two luscious pieces of medium cheddar Sargento cheese covered with a thin layer of pure Hellmann’s mayonnaise enveloped by two soft, fresh baked round top white bread.

***I did microwave the meat until it popped and steamed.

**I will probably still have a hard time sleeping tonight, thinking about the slim chance I have of developing listeria. So let’s all together give up a prayer that I didn’t just give my baby some awful fatal/disabling illness all for the sake of a stupid (yet delectable) turkey and cheddar sandwhich.

* I may have accidentally eaten two sandwhiches.


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  1. 1

    Denise said,

    Naughty girl. But really, if you microwaved it until steaming, you’re good to go. Why is it that once you are told you can’t have something, it is all you want?

  2. 2

    Sugar & Ice said,

    Haha…no need to worry about that. The chance is so slim to begin with, and after the heating really have nothing to worry about. You’re not the only one that worries about stuff like this though…I do the same. Subway will be one of my first stops after delivery :).

  3. 3

    Hahaha…you crack me up, girl! Cute blog.

    By the way, I ate lunch meat the entire time both pregnancies…my doc really just said it was meat from shady places that you have to watch out for, like places that leave their meat out, aka Subway, etc. I would buy Boar’s Head from the g-store and had no problems. Plus, I think Listeria is something that if you ate it you would become ill yourself, so I’m sure your in the clear. 🙂

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