We’re all alright!

Since my fans have demanded it…I decided to get off my ass and post. My apologies for the obscenely long delay. It’s just that I’ve had this one track mind and it’s set on “getting it all done”, which in turn leaves me exhausted and devoid of anything clever or witty to blog.

So, I’ll be 34 weeks on Wednesday which means that in 3 weeks I’ll technically be full term. HOLY CRAP! I was at the maternity store today buying some tents to cover my belly with and I was startled by a little wave of sadness, I can’t believe it’s almost over. It makes me a little sad to think that this pregnancy is almost over. On the other hand, we’ll have a cute little baby girl to oogle at! And that’s obviously exciting, and scary…as is the idea of pushing my baby out! I mean, let’s think this through…you know how large pg bellies get, common sense doesn’t lend it’s self to the idea that something that requires a space that large is supposed to come out of…well, you know.

In other news, I bought my first pair of new running shoes since the 10th grade. They’re a size and half larger than my old ones and they feel delicious.


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    Julie said,

    So glad to hear things are ok!

    I had a good giggle over your thoughts on childbirth and big bellies. The math just doesn’t add up, does it? I remember when I was in labour with our oldest daughter, I asked the nurse…”So I have to dilate to 10cm yet the baby’s head will be 34-38cm? How does THAT work?” She just laughed and said she never had anyone ask that before but things would be fine. She didn’t lie 🙂

    Enjoy these last few weeks because they sure fly by. But just think – soon you’ll be able to SEE your baby kicking and punching instead of just feeling those sensations. And trust me, that’s way better!!

  2. 2

    Sugar & Ice said,

    Congrats on making it to 34 weeks. Somehow that seems like a milestone.

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