Birth Plan

We met with the doula yesterday and formalized our birth plan with her.

The most important things to us/me are:

1. NO MEN (except the hubby, obviously), NO MATTER WHAT…this includes male medical care personnel.

2. No needles, no knives!

Pre Labor:

No medical induction unless 42 weeks gestation or water has been broken for 12 hours and labor has not started on it’s own.

Will try intercourse (!!!), walking, nipple stimulation, and will allow “stripping of membranes” after 41 weeks.

No cervical checks until 40 weeks.

Labor at home:

Will call doula/midwife in early labor.

Doula will come to house when I can no longer talk during contractions.

Wear birth skirt and nursing sports bra.

Dim lights and fake candles (oooh so romantic)!

Eat and drink as desired (this has been cleared with midwife and hospital)

BFF and “the mothers” have in/out priveledges.


Use birthing ball

Change positions frequently



Hot/Cold packs


Pelvic rocking

Mental relaxation techniques

Leave for hospital at 5-1-1 (contractions 5 minutes apart, lasting 1 minute each, in this pattern for 1 hour), or whenever I feel like it. 🙂

Labor at the hospital:

All of the at home stuff plus,


No Hep. lock (unless I’m group B strep positive)

Intermittent doppler monitoring only, with exception of the 20 minute admit NST strip.

Limit cervical checks to “by request only” unless there is medical neccesity (which there usually is not)


Use of squat bar/bed positioning.

No artificial rupture of amniotic sac.

No pitocin.

If labor slows, will try variety of positions as recommended by midwife, and will try nipple stimulation.

Medication NEVER offered.


Push in any non-supine position (all fours, squat bar, sitting up in bed, side lying)

Spontaneous pushing per my “instinct” (most women naturally push 5-6 seconds at a time) or as midwife directs to avoid a tear.

No episotomy unless emergency intervention, such as forceps, is needed.

Warm compresses.

Almond oil for perineal massage, if needed.

Husband, Midwife, Doula only. (Sorry “moms”!)

After Birth:

Will request local anesthetic if stitches are required.

Delay cord clamping at least 2 minutes.

Julia placed on my abs/chest, skin to skin, both me and her covered by the same blanket.

APGAR to be performed while she is skin to skin.

Delay all interventions (eye ointment, vitamin k, measurements) until after first breast feeding session (occurs within one hour in 80% of non-medicated births if mom and baby are skin to skin).

Doula and lactation consultant present to assist with proper latching.

No pacifiers (until breast feeding is well established)

No formula

No sugar water

Waive hep-b immunization until at least 2 weeks old.

Vernix will not removed.

Dad to give first bath appx. 6 – 7 hours after birth.

Kangaroo care only.


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    Sugar & Ice said,

    Wow, that’s quite detailed. I hope it all works out for you.

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