10 days and a 5k

The husband and I (and some other tag alongs we know) walked the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5k on Saturday.  I had been thinking that I may have been overly ambitious walking that far just 10 days shy of full term…turns out I was right.  I didn’t figure that out until I woke up at 3AM with some wicked upper back pain which was creeping around to the top o’ the uterus and making me contract. I laid in bed for about 15 minutes and then got up to pee, the second my feet hit the floor I knew I was in trouble – my feet/hips/back/uterus felt bruised and beaten. I made it back to bed and debated waking the husband, I just kept remembering our birth class instructor saying that if you go into labor in the middle of the night to try to let “dad” sleep b/c he’ll need a lot of energy later. I decided that since we were still 10 days from full term, I should wake him up. We discussed whether or not to call the midwife, we decided that we would try a bunch of the things we learned in class before calling b/c we both felt like I was more than likely suffering the aftermath of the 5k as opposed to labor. So we busted out the birthing ball, the massage, the shower (for an hour and half), etc. My back would not stop hurting, so it finally occured to me that I should try sleeping somewhere else, I moved to the couch and finally I fell asleep at 6:30AM. Sweet, sweet, sleep (for 2 hours).

The most surprising part of all of that was what really goes through your mind when you think you might actually be in labor. During my time in the shower I thought the following things.

* I thought about how the first 20 something years of my life were consumed with looking forward to “just being married” and all the fun time young married people have. And how now, it’s over. We are no longer the young, fun, newly weds…we are “the parents”, and it will be a very long time until it’s just the two of us again.

* I thought about how hard and long we tried to get pregnant and how it’s already coming to a close. (sniffle, sniffle, tear – tear)

* Speaking of the close of pregnancy…um, this is really going to be a ridiculous amount of pain. Why do I make things harder than the have to be?

* If she’s born before halloween, I have no costume for her and she’d definately need a costume.

* There are really a lot more things I need to pack to take to the hospital. Finishing packing will take at least 30 minutes and my back hurts too bad to spend 30 minutes doing anything.

* Why is my back in constant pain, this can’t be labor or I’d be getting breaks in between contractions.

* If this is “it” will the doula still come, can the midwife still deliver, can I still go natural, can I still have a vaginal birth, will they force me to have an IV since my group b strep test hasn’t been done yet, will she be healthy – she’ll be small and given my sudden realization that a human being will be exiting my body that might not be that bad, will she have to go to the NICU?

* Thank goodness I don’t have to work tomorrow b/c there is no way I will be able to stay awake.

* What if my back still hurts when I have to go to work? I can’t focus on work with pain like this.

* Am I having contractions too, or is she just balling up really tight? Am I stupid that I don’t know for sure?

These thoughts just swirled around, equally as relentless as my back pain. It was good to get them out and overwith so that when it is time I can focus on trying to make it through each contraction.

We had our midwife appt. today, I’m up to 138.8 lbs for a grand total of 40.8 lbs weight gain. We went over our birth plan – no changes were made. We discussed the weekend’s events. She said that this was normal and yes, I’m having contractions and she’d be more concerned if I weren’t having them. She thinks I’ll go past my due date but I’ll be full term next Wednesday and if I were to deliver before then everything should still be perfectly fine. She said it was definately time to do all the little last minute stuff, so we went and early voted today!


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