A quickie!

Here’s the quickie version of the birth (I might one day get around to posting the whole enchilada later)!

– 6 PM: Water broke!

– I then had two contractions 5 minutes apart, and from that point on they were all 2-3 minutes apart and lasting about a minute (or more each) and ALL in my back (oww).

– Around 7ish I scrapped plans to labor at home b/c the contractions were so close together and we headed for the hospital. During the ride I found myself fighting hard not to push and puke.

– I don’t remember the timeline all that well, but I do remember begging, I mean begging for them to let me cheat on the 20 minute “check in” NST. They did not. I know I got checked about 7:45 PM and was 100% effaced and 4cm. I was told it may be a little early to get in the shower and then got in anyway. While I was in the shower I was having the most intense urge to push and MAJOR back pain. In fact I only felt a few contractions in the front, pretty much all of them were in my back.

– I got out of the shower about 8:45PM and moaned about needing to push, so Jane (the midwife) checked me. I was 10 cm and ready to go!

– I pushed for about an hour hanging over the squat bar, and then for about 30 ish minutes on my side.  And then…

– At 10:17PM Julia was born!!!

(and then she was whisked away to the NICU b/c she inhaled fluid into her lungs, they made her stay in the NICU all the way until we were discharged…it was AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL. But she’s all good now and Mommy and Daddy are in panic mode realizing that they have a baby and no one showed them anything at the hospital and their first night “rooming in” with her was at home.)

***Having no drugs was HARD and it HURT (I ain’t gonna lie), I made it up to my room about 1AM, and then around 3:45ish we went to visit The Jewels in the NICU and I got my strength back and I felt GREAT! Seriously, I’ve been taking some Advil for cramping, but that’s it.


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  1. 1

    lumos80 said,

    Hey congrats…just chked ur blog…wow no drugs, u r a trooper:))sorry to hear that julia was in NICU…but all well now,right?one of my twins also spent the night away in “special Care Unit” becoz of low birth weight but came back next morning.
    take care,love to the little one:)

  2. 2

    Julie said,

    Congratulations! I am so happy that you did it all without drugs! I didn’t have any with Natalie and I felt so much better than I did with Rachel even though my epidural didn’t take with her.
    At any rate, it’s all about you now my dear and that beautiful baby girl!!!!


    Trust me when I tell you that one minute they’re a newborn and the next they’re crawling or walking or talking, etc. They grow too quickly!

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