Eyes wide shut!

May I just say, for the record, that a “pioneer” birth is WAY, WAY, WAY easy when compared to actually taking care of a newborn! It’s taken a while to get the hang of things. The pedi told us to feed her every 2 hours (timed from start to start – which really works out to less than an hour of free time in between feedings) until she got back up to her birth weight and then we could feed “on demand.” Thankfully, she was already back to her birth weight on the 28th (that’s just 6 days old!!), and since then she feeds every 3 – 5 hours and that extra hour or two helps a lot!! I’m no longer forced to choose b/t eating and sleeping! Yay!  Anywho, we’ve been busy and today is actually our first full day alone! (Gammy was super helpful and stayed until yesterday to teach us all her tricks!) Daddy has gone back to work and Mommy is pulling the night shift, and the day shift – b/c she’s in a crazed nesting mode that she somehow missed before giving birth! Now for some lists…

Places Jewels has been…

– Pedi (followed by a lunch a Mi Cocina): 4 days old (weighed 6 lbs. 14 oz., jaundice level at 15. something)

– Funeral home (My uncle w/ CP passed away on Thanksgiving Day): 6 days old

– Pedi (followed by breakfast at The Original Pancake House): 6 days old (weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz., jaundice level down to 12.6)

– Babies R’ Us, twice: 8 days and 11 days old

– Houston’s: 10 days old

– The Airport to drop off Gammy: 11 days old

– Target: 11 days old

– Stayed home alone with Gammy while Mommy and Daddy went to the funeral: 9 days old

– Peppermint’s: 12 days old

Big Ups to Jewels for these developemental goals met:

– Can hold her head up briefly and will lift her head from my chest and switch which cheek she is resting on.

– Stares at faces.

– Follows objects and sounds with her eyes.

– Super latcher! Seriously, she was given formula via a bottle in the NICU, she takes a pacifier, both boobs, and will bottle feed on breast milk.

– Interacts with Mommy and Daddy!

***Sometime this weekend, I’ll post a post-partum follow up – complete with a picture of my belly (CAUTION! GRAPHIC CONTENT). I’m doing this b/c I was always curious about what to expect, so in the interest of full disclosure I’ll pull a Kate and post it!


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