We’ve been in Cali for a few weeks…sorry for lack of updates. Don’t worry I’ll be making up for lost time after Christmas and will post lots of pictures! Can’t believe she’s a month old already!!!

***I just realized I hadn’t posted since the nurse told me to restrict her feeding. After a week of what seemed like constant screaming, I decided to screw her a**vice and feed on demand, even though this means that I have her latched pretty much all day, with small (like 30 minutes tops) breaks. She’s much happier. Have you ever heard of a new born eating 6 – 8 oz at each feeding (I pumped and bottle fed her the milk a few times just to see)…I mean really, that’s a lot.


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    Emily said,

    I’m so happy you made that decision, denying a baby food when they’re hungry never made much sense to me. Don’t worry, 3 weeks is a major growth spurt time (as is 6 weeks, 9 weeks and 12). You do get some breaks in the middle though! Just get a sling and have her hang out so she can help herself to the buffet!

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