Monday, Monday…

My maternity leave is Ovah. I’m going back to work on Monday, and to be honest I have mixed feelings which is much different from the total dread that I was expecting to have. I’m a little excited to be part of a 100% grown up world again and to have a dual role, work and home. I’m also kind of excited that Julia will start day care on Tuesday (Daddio has Monday off and will be flying solo with her!!!). I think I’m excited because it’s a “next step” like the first day of school or something. A chance for her to meet and make friends, cute lil’ baby friends, and to be cared for by professionals (she’s going to the same church daycare that I went to).  I know that if she ever NEEDS me that I’ll be able to be there for her, but it does break my heart that I won’t be able to be there every time she WANTS me. She’s a very attached and needy baby. She loves me, and wants to be held constantly and loves to comfort nurse, I’m worried that she’ll just be put in a crib and allowed to cry all day. I tell myself that it’s unlikely, because every care giver knows that if one baby screams…they all scream, so I’m sure they will at least attempt to soothe her.  I’m also sad that I’ll miss her morning time, because she loves to make eyes at me and giggle all morning, and it definately sucks that I’ll miss that. Ok, see now I’ve typed myself down off my excitedness. Oh, well…babies adjust fast, I’m sure she’ll be fine. I was happy at this daycare and they’ve been open for 27+ years so that’s a good sign!

In other news, Jewels had her 2 month check up (and shots) on Friday. She tips the scale at 10 lb. 12 oz. is 22 inches long and her head is 15 inches in circumfrence. That’s the 50th, 40th, and 25th percentiles, respectively!


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    lumos80 said,

    Hope ur day went by ok.and julia wasn’t too upset by the change.Update soon.
    take care:)

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