My New Talent

Even though I’m pretty preppy, I have a gangsta side. Which is why I spend my pumping time making up lyrics to popular songs from the 90’s.

Pump, pump, baby.

All right stop, collaborate and listen.

Yak is  back with my brand new invention

Julia, grabs  a hold of me tightly

Grows like a weed daily and nightly

Will she ever stop?

YO – I don’t know

Turn off the lights, and she groans.

To the extreme I rock the pump like a vandal,

Light up the room and watch me read a good scandal.


Boob rush the Medela that booms

I’m filling up bottles like if I don’t she’s doomed

Yummy! When I pump a dope medley
Anything less than the best is a felony

Love it or leave it

You better gain way

You better fill bottles

The kid don’t play

If there was a leak

Yo, I’ll stop it

Check out my stash while my Freestyle rocks it!


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  1. 1

    Stacey said,

    Okay this is a little too much! Even for you! Haha…Hilarious! Jewels (and Josh) must be so proud. 🙂

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