Missy Mouse

Naturally, we took our six seven month old baby to Disneyland…and stayed there from 10AM until midnight. And what you ask, does a baby do at Disneyland?

Julia rode:

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters (wow, that sounds seriously bad)

Peter Pan’s Flight

Mad Tea Party (more affectionately known as “the teacups”)

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Alice in Wonderland

It’s a Small World

Pirates of the Carribean

(Babies of any age are allowed to ride any ride that does not have a height restriction, but that’s all we had time for before she went “night-night” in her stroller, oh and, Disney has a rider swap program in which one parent can stay with the baby while the rest of the family rides and then when they’re done the next parent can ride – along with the family if they want to ride again – without waiting in line. So that was really nice!)

Julia explored:

Main Street


Toon Town


And of course, Julia shopped:



And shopped some more, because a girl can never have too many mouse ears:



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