42 – the number of days until August 5th. Which is significant and exciting because August 5th is the date of our first RE appt to map out our plan for IVF #2!  Call me crazy!


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    Annie said,

    Hi — thank you for leaving a note on my blog! The fact that your IVF/ICSI worked doesn’t bug me 🙂 It worked for me too 3 years ago — I have wonderful b/g twin toddlers… It was a fresh cycle now that didn’t work… and you’re right — it really hurts. And thank you for letting me know about your embryo count and outcome. I had honestly never heard of that before — but I guess I hadn’t looked up things like that since it seemed obvious that they’d “have” to make it to day 5…. I need to learn that NOTHING is obvious when it comes to infertility!!

    Good luck with your apt. on Aug. 5th 🙂 My follow up of “what went wrong” (although really — what will they say? “looks like it didn’t work!!” anyways…) is mid july — but i’m taking a few months before comitting to IVF again… although we’ll most likely be cycling again since i really really really really really want more children!

    Again, thanks for stopping by my blog!

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    lumos80 said,

    Wow…good luck on that!Is it going to be a fresh cycle?You sure are brave:P

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