Gill Check

This morning we packed up the fam and took Julia to her swim lessons (yes, we really paid money for our 7 mo. old daughter to take swimming lessons). She loves swimming so much that I often check for gills or signs that her legs are beginning to fuse together, mermaid style. Today, on Independance Day, Julia learned her “1 second breath control” and went under water several times!!! She did fantastic. But may I just say, nothing goes against your instinct as a mother more than letting a stranger dunk your baby. At the end of the lesson she got to go down the slide (one of those little fisher price ones) and land in the water/my arms, the teacher told me to just grab her hands when she got to the bottom of the slide and then let her go under for 1 second and then pull her out.

As it turns out, even when my child’s life is on the line, I have zero hand/eye coordination. So when my little butterball came barreling down that slide straight towards my waiting, outstretched arms…I missed. Into the water she went. Like a rock. PANIC. PANIC. ALERT. ALERT. I did, by some miracle of God, manage to snag her and rocket her back above the water. But heavens to betsy’s. That had to have been at least 2 seconds. I almost stroked out on the spot. Her laughter and sheer giddyness was comforting as I scanned the perimeter of the room for the portable AED. Sigh.


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