Power Nap

Well, went in today for the retrieval. It was fantastic!! I was doing super well and was the picture of calm, I even made some jokes and gave my RE a pair of fuzzy Easter bunny ears since she was egg hunting after all, but then the anesthesiologist came and gave his speech, when he left and I was walking into the OR  I cried a smidge, b/c seriously what if I died? He nipped that in the bud by giving me, in his words some  “I don’t care” medicine. And care I did not! In fact I remember making some pretty bad jokes! I went back into the OR at 7:15AM and I woke up covered with warm blankets at 7:50. It was a serious power nap. Man, did I feel like I was OUT!  But, not even a hint of nausea or any other side effect. My RE came in and let me know that they retrieved 24 eggs and that I should start my progesterone shots tomorrow night. We left the hospital at 8:15ish I think and took Jewels to daycare, went to eat breakfast at Le Madeliene’s, and then I came home and slept some more. Really, I can’t say enough about how great the experience is. It’s all in the details, the super fantastic nurses, the funny embryologist, the warm blankets, the fact that they numb your arm before starting an IV, just all these small measures to make sure that  the experience is as good as it can be.


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    Denise said,

    So glad it went well. And 24 eggs? Yay!!!

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