Fert Report

Fertilization report came in.

24 eggs
16 mature

Of the 16 mature eggs,
16 were ICSI’d

Of those 16 embryo’s
9 are showing positive signs of growth
5 are not showing any signs of growth but will continue to recieve the TLC of the lab just to make sure they didn’t miss any.
2 are dead.

My mind and gut are spinning. We are set for a 5 day transfer. I am grateful for 9 embryo’s. I am worried about “only” 9 embryo’s. That seems so objectively ridiculous, but no so ridiculous when you consider that last time we had 14 embryo’s and all but 2 died on day 3. The 2 that survived were transfered. 1 of those made our beautiful Julia. I asked what those 2 embryo’s were graded, with AAA being the best and not so best being EEE. Both were graded DCC. So, since we did have 9 embryo’s die on day 3, I’m concerned that we might show up on Sunday and be told there are no babies to transfer. I’m trying my absolute best to be hopeful, to trust God, to trust that God’s will is best (whether that is a baby or no baby), but honestly, it’s hard. I’m a very analytical, fact focused person. I will remain tied to the fact that it only takes one. Please keep us and our 9 “dish” babies in your prayers!


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