Just got the call from the ARTs lab. Whew. I was really worried, but here are the stats.

3 are  excellent (grade 1 of 5). Of those 3, 1 of them is 10 cells! 2 of them are 8 cells!

4 are  good, all of these 4 are 8 cells!

2 are  average, both of these are 8 cells!

2 are poor, at only 3 cells each.


I’m very relieved that 7 of our 9 are doing well. I was nervous that all would have stopped growing. We’re scheduled for a 9AM transfer on Sunday, must arrive at the ARTs lab at 8:30AM. Please pray that our babies continue to grow on schedule!

***Update. Apparently, I can’t add. 9 of our 9 are doing well and 2 of the 5 they were watching made it to 3 cells.


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    lumos said,

    Good Luck,Mrs Yak:)

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